Well Hello 2018! You took your time…

Well Hello 2018! You took your time…

This time last year, myself and Lewis were on our way to Iceland for a mini break to hunt down the Northern Lights… we found them in case you were wondering and what an amazing start to 2017 it was! Iceland was a breath of fresh air; the incredible landscapes and sheer magnitude of the world’s most remarkable natural wonders was amazing for my mind and spirit, I felt so lucky to be alive and so incredibly fortunate to be in the minority of the population who have witnessed the Northern Lights.

It didn’t last long though, sat in Reykjavik airport waiting for our flight (4 hours early of course because, well… OCD) I looked at Lewis and said ‘this year is going to be so boring, we just need to keep our heads down, work hard and save, save, save’. We knew that when we arrived back in the UK we had a long year ahead of us saving all our hard-earned pennies for a trip of a life time. It has been a very challenging year, both at home and at work. We have often bickered out of sheer boredom and stress but we are now 3 weeks away… 3 weeks until I can feel the sun on my face… 3 weeks until my serotonin ‘happy hormones’ explode with joy through my mind, releasing all the built-up stress and tension from 2017… 3 weeks until our great adventure begins!

We will be starting in Dubai, staying with my life long bestie and ticking the Burj Khalifa off our list of things to do before we die! After a couple of days relaxing and enjoying the last bit of luxury accommodation we will have for a while, we will board a flight to Bangkok. I am still trying to persuade Lewis to come to a Ladyboy Cabaret Show with me though! We then plan to make our way into Cambodia, one of the places I am looking forward to the most, followed by Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali and then finally the island of Lombok and of course the ever so famous Gili Islands!

I have no idea at this point whether I am going to truly enjoy the 3 months or whether I will be screaming to come home. All I know is that I am excited… and surely that’s a good thing right?

6 thoughts on “Well Hello 2018! You took your time…

  1. Maybe a chance to meet up in Thailand or Malaysia and if we don’t manage that, then we’ll have to swap notes once back. Have a truly wonderful trip 🙂

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