Essential Packing Items for Fellow OCD Travellers

Essential Packing Items for Fellow OCD Travellers

So with less than 1 week to go, I have started packing some important bits and bobs and whilst adding my trusty toilet seat covers to my toiletry bag, it got me thinking about some of the bad toilet experiences I have had.

We’ve all been there… in a toilet cubical debating with the two argumentative sides of our brains, to sit or not to sit. The old squat/sit debate is a familiar one with most people, usually it’s because there is a little bit of pee on the edge of the toilet seat or a long dark hair creeping its way from underneath the rim, but whatever the reason you find yourself, for just a moment, having this very important debate.

For OCD nutters like me this decision is much harder. It is not just about the repulsed feeling associated with sitting on someone else’s pee… I have to take it a step further of course and whilst stood staring at the unsightly toilet, all I can think about is catching an STD. Now logically, I know you can’t catch AIDS from sitting on a toilet seat but then OCD isn’t logical, it’s irrational, and so I turn my back and look for an alternative ‘cleaner’ toilet just to be on the ‘safe side’.

For anyone reading this who doesn’t have OCD, you are probably thinking ‘WTF, science states you can’t catch AIDS from a toilet seat, do some research for cryin’ out loud’, but for those of you familiar with OCD, you will hopefully understand this torment and know that all the research in the world will not get me sitting on that pee covered contaminated seat.

I have however, been in situations where there are no clean toilets. Panic begins to settle in as I go from one cubical to the other desperately looking for a clean seat, ‘please, please, please be clean’ I chant to myself before opening every cubical door but much to my disappointment, sometimes there just isn’t one. So whilst Lewis is patiently lingering outside the female toilets like some sort of pervert wondering what the hell I’m doing, I’m in there trying to pick the cleanest cubicle. Once I’ve finally chosen a seat for my bum, I pull on the toilet roll until I practically have the whole roll wrapped around my hand and gently wipe the seat to make sure it’s dry. I then use even more paper to layer every inch of the toilet seat for protection. Sound familiar to anyone? I am finally relaxed and ready to pee until I stare up at the back of the door to see an environmentally friendly poster asking politely to use the minimum amount of loo roll! Guilt trip or what!

I have learnt over the years to go prepared and have accumulated a few essentials that I will definitely be taking with me on my travels. You never know when your butt is going to need saving!

Travel Toilet Seat Covers

Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers – 8 PACKS (80Pcs) + 2 FREE PACKS!
These are amazing and the best thing I have bought to date! They are flushable and come in small handy sized packs. I have used these trusty butt savers on so many occasions. My friends laugh at me when I tell them about the toilet covers, but if it means I can pee in peace, then I don’t care!

The Shewee

SHEWEE Extreme – Pumpkin Orange
I was so excited when my Shewee arrived, I thought ‘Yes! Finally, I get to pee like a man!’. Men do not realise how lucky they are getting to stand up and pee, rarely having to sit on a toilet seat. However, myself and Lewis were at the Pyramids of Giza in 2015 and I desperately needed a wee. I had my trusty Shewee with me though, ‘nothing is going to stop me now’ I said to Lewis. So there I was in a grotty Egyptian toilet, trying desperately to pee down this amazing invention… and nothing. Apparently, I can’t pee if I’m not sitting down relaxed. Which is ironic considering I hate sitting on toilet seats! I still carry it with me for desperate times but I do struggle using this one.

Anti-bacterial Hand Wipes

Wet Ones Be Zingy Antibacterial Wipes Pack of 6 x 12
I do not go anywhere without these, holiday or no holiday. They are useful when anti-bac hand gel isn’t cutting it and also come in handy for wiping any cutlery when in a grubby food joint (and yes I do this *embarrassed face*).

Antibac Hand Gel

Antibacterial Hand Gel with Cucumber and Garden Mint Travel Pocket Sanitizer 50ml
A must in every travel bag! We are taking 6 bottles with us travelling… might seem excessive but Lewis is also a bit of a clean freak!

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